Information for AFH Providers and Discharge Coordinators

If you are an Adult Family Home provider and would like your Adult Family Home listed in our database and would like to subscribe to our web hosting services; send us an email to  Please include the AFH name / address of the Adult Family Homes that you are the provider for. If you wish to look at a sample AFH web site, look at  


Aging Safely's Web Hosting Plans

Aging Safely, Inc. provides web-based services to Adult Family Homes within Washington State. These services are intended to help market Adult Family Homes to discharge coordinators, other medical professionals, and the general public.

Aging Safely's Basic AFH Hosting Plan

The plan includes:

  • Listing in Aging Safely's database of Adult Family Homes, with the details of your home in our search engine for discharge coordinators and the public to match the client's requirements with the services and capabilities your home provides.
  • A unique sub-domain web address for your Adult Family Home on Aging Safely's web site. Your address would be like: If your Adult Family Home already owns a domain name, we will assist in making it point to the new web site, so that your web presence would be continuous.
  • A basic web site for your Adult Family Home. Look at for a sample web site and its Services page for the types of information that potential clients can use to locate your Adult Family Home. You will have the ability to provide the text and up to 10 digital photos for your site in its Photo Gallery.
  • For multi-home providers there are two choices: One web site per home or a single larger single web site. We will help you figure out which is best for your situation.
  • If your Adult Family Home already owns a web site and would prefer that we have your AFH listing link its Web * » icon to that web site, we will do that provided that your web site links back to our site.

The World-Wide-Web is now the 21st century phone book for computer-savvy people. Get your Adult Family Home visible to a large segment of the public for about the price of the most basic listing in a single Yellow Pages book. 

Basic AFH Hosting Plan Pricing

First AFH --- a one-time $250 setup fee and an annual fee of $450. The Setup fee includes the first month of hosting. By default, we bill the annual fee in 4 payments of $125. One payment every 3 months.  Of course we are happy to have you pay the whole year at one time.

Additional AFHs --- a one-time $100 setup fee and an annual fee of $300. This discounted rate applies when the provider lists the additional home(s) within 90 days of the original home or 90 days of licensing the additional home(s). Again setup fee includes the first month of hosting and by default we will bill $75 each quarter.

There would be NO additional fee for any placement that came to you via the web!

100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are unhappy with our service, you may cancel your service and the charges will be prorated for the remainder of your contract.

 Sign-Up Documents

  • Price List 
  • Contract - Unfortunately our lawyers say we need this
  • Data Form - The information we need to sign up an Adult Family Home
  • Instructions for each field on the Data Form and ASI Locator Instructions. Providers please look at the meaning of the check-boxes.
  • Photo Instructions - These instruction apply to any photos that you may send us.
  • Photo Release Form - If you have people in photos displayed on the web you must have a signed release.