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In 2008 we realized that we didn't like our Fax machine ringing right next to Dotti's desk. We also realized that since we get a moderate amount of new customer data via fax we wanted access to our fax data if we were away from the office for a few days. I found Packetel FAX Service, and it has solved these problems for $11.85 every 3 months for an unlimited amount of incoming faxes.

Now my faxes arrive without a sound via email as a PDF file. I now can:

  • Read and delete them without wasting paper, if I don't need a copy.
  • I can file them electronically, if I need a record of them. Again no ink or paper.
  • I can forward them via email to an associate who needs the data. No loss in print quality.

This service doesn't do outgoing faxes, so I still have to use my phone line and fax/printer for that function.

I highly recommend this service.

Last year MyFax bought Packetel Fax Service. They still honor my original price, but looking on their web site I don't think that new customers can get as good of a deal.  However, if you have limited needs recieving faxes they still may be a good value for you.

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